American epic

Titre(s) American epic / Collectif.
Editeur(s) Sony Music Entertainment, 2017.
Résumé .
Sujet(s) Etats Unis, musique traditionnelle
Musique de film
Indice(s) 9.8616.13
Collation 5 disques compacts
Auteur(s) Ashley, Clarence (Chant) ;Memphis Jug Band (Groupe) ;White, Washington (Chant) ;Stokes, Frank (Chant) ;Karnes, Alfred G (Chant) ;Akers, Garfield (Chant) ;Lunsford, Bascom Lamar (Chant) ;Delaney, Mattie (Chant) ;Jackson, Jim (Chant) ;Johnson, Tommy (Chant) ;Nester, J.P (Chant) ;Columbus Fruge (Chant) ;Hoyt Ming and his Pep-Steppers (Groupe) ;Carter Family (The) (Groupe) ;Bentley Boys (The) (Groupe) ;Weems String Band (Groupe) ;Cannon's Jug Stompers (Groupe) ;Andrew and Jim Baxter (Groupe) ;Whistler's Jug Band (Groupe)
Titre(s) CD 1 = The Southeast / Collectif. The coo-coo bird / Clarence Ashley. On the road again / Memphis Jug Band. The Panama limited / Washington White. Indian war whoop / Hoyt Ming and His Pep Steppers. 'Tain't nobody business if I do (Part N°1) / Frank Stokes. K.C. railroad blues / Andrew and Jim Baxter. I am bound for the promised land / Alfred G. Karnes. Cottonfield blues (Part N°2) / Garfield Akers. I wish I was a mole in the ground / Bascom Lamar Lunsford. Down on Penny's farm / The Bentley Boys. Foldin' bed / Whistler's Jug Band. Greenback dollar / Weems String Band. Tallahatchie river blues / Mattie Delaney. Walk right in / Cannon's Jug Stompers. Bury me under the weeping willow / The Carter Family. Old dog blue / Jim Jackson. Bayou teche / Columbus Fruge. Cool drink of water blues / Tommy Johnson. Train on the island / J. P. Nester.
Auteur(s) Burch, Elder J. E (Chant) ;Earl Johnson and his Clodhoppers (Groupe) ;Daniels, Julius (Chant) ;Gates, Rev.J.M (Chant) ;Rodgers, Jimmie (Chant) ;Breaux, Amédée (Chant) ;Breaux, Ophy (Chant) ;Breaux, Cléoma (Chant) ;Barbecue Bob (Chant) ;Falcon, Joseph (Chant) ;Walker, Willie (Chant) ;McTell, Blind Willie (Chant) ;Tenneva Ramblers (Groupe) ;Alabama Sacred Harp Singers (Groupe) ;Carolina Tar Heels (Groupe) ;Eddie Head And His Family (Groupe) ;Dilly and his Dill Pickles (Groupe) ;Nelstone's Hawaiians (Groupe) ;Burnett and Rutherford (Groupe)
Titre(s) CD 2 = Atlanta / Collectif. My heart keeps singing / Elder J.E. Burch. Ninety-nine year blues / Julius Daniels. I get my whiskey from Rockingham / Earl Johnson and His Clodhoppers. Death's back train is coming / Rev. J.M.Gates. Waiting for a train / Jimmie Rodgers. Darling, where have you been so long ? / Tenneva Ramblers. Rocky road / Alabama Sacred Harp Singers. Ma blonde est partie / Amédée Breaux, Ophy Breaux and Cleoma Breaux. Peg and awl / Carolina Tar Heels. Chocolate to the bone / Barbecue Bob. Down on me / Eddie Head and Family. Prenez courage / Cleoma Breaux With Joseph Falcon and Ophy Breaux. Pickin' off peanuts / Dilly and his Dill Pickles. Just because / Neltone's Hawaiians. Dupree blues / Willie Walker. Ladies on the steamboat / Burnett and Rutherford. Mamma, 'tain't long fo' day / Blind Willie McTell.
Auteur(s) Miller, Emmett (Chant) ;Cuarteto Flores (Groupe) ;Broonzy, Big Bill (Chant) ;Leadbelly (Chant) ;Hurt, "Mississippi" John (Chant) ;Davis, Gary (Chant) ;Rev. F.W. McGee (Chant) ;Poole, Charlie (Chant) ;Hutchison, Frank (Chant) ;Stoneman, Ernest V (Chant) ;Kazee, Buell (Chant) ;Boggs, Dock (Chant) ;Uncle Dave Macon (Chant) ;Richardson, Don (Chant) ;Robertson, Alexander C (Violon) ;Borinquenos (Los) (Groupe) ;Guty Cardenas y Lencho (Groupe) ;Two Poor Boys (Groupe) ;Hopi Indian Chanters (Groupe) ;Mike Hanapi and Ilima Islanders (Groupe) ;Uncle Bunt Stephens (Chant) ;North Carolina Ramblers (The) (Groupe) ;Fruit Jar Drinkers (Groupe)
Titre(s) CD 3 = New York city / East Coast / Collectif. Cecilia / Cuarteto Flores. La coquetera / Los Borinquenos. Coconito / Guty Cardenas Y Lencho. Lovesick blues / Emmett Miller. Long tall mama / Big Bill Broonzy. John Henry blues / Two Poor Boys. Mr. Tom Hughes' town / Lead Belly. Louis Collins / Mississippi John Hurt. I am the light of the world / Blind Gary Davis. Fifty miles of Elbow room / Rev. F.W. McGee. Chant of the eagle dance / Hopi Indian Chanters. Hilo hula (Hilo hanakahi) / Mike Hanapi and Ilima Islanders. If the river was whiskey / Charlie Poole and The North Carolina Ramblers. Stackalee / Frank Hutchison. The wreck of the '97 / Ernest Stoneman. Faded coat of blue / Buell Kazee. Country blues / Dock Boggs. Sail away ladies / Uncle Dave Macon and His fruit-Jar Drinkers. Sail away lady / Uncle Bunt Stephens. Sallie gooden / A.C. (Eck) Roberston. Arkansas traveler / Don Richardson.
Auteur(s) Hardin, Lane (Chant) ;Golden Melody Boys (Groupe) ;Patton, Charley (Chant) ;Cannon, Gus (Chant) ;Phelps, Arthur (Chant) ;Spand, Charlie (Chant) ;Jefferson, "Blind" Lemon (Chant) ;Slim, Bumble Bee (Chant) ;Memphis Minnie (Chant) ;Rainey, Ma (Chant) ;Wiley, Geeshie (Chant) ;Stokes, Frank (Chant) ;Davis, Blind Willie (Chant) ;Estes, Sleepy John (Chant) ;Collins, Sam (Chant) ;Brown, Willie (Chant) ;Thomas, Henry "Texas (Chant) ;Justice, Dick (Chant) ;Moore, William (Chant) ;Lachney, Delma (Chant) ;Gaspard, Blind Uncle (Chant) ;House, Son (Chant) ;James, Skip (Chant) ;Williamson Brothers & Curry (The) (Groupe) ;Dixieland Jug Blowers (Groupe) ;Beale Street Sheiks (The) (Groupe) ;Massey Family (Groupe)
Titre(s) CD 4 = The Midwest / Collectif. Hard time blues / Lane Hardin. Down the dirt road blues / Charley Patton. Poor boy, long ways from home / Banjo Joe. Hastings street / Blind Blake and Charlie Spand. See that my grave's kept clean / Blind Lemon Jefferson. Gonna have 'lasses in the morning / Golden Melody Boys. New Orleans stop time / Bumble Bee Slim and Memphis Minnie. Prove it on me blues / Ma Rainey. I'm gonna die with my hammer in my hand / Williamson Brothers and Curry. Last kind words blues / Geeshie Wiley. Banjoreno / Dixieland Jug Blowers. It's a good thing / Beale Street Sheiks (Stokes and Sane). Trust in God and do the right / Blind Willie Davis. Someday baby blues / Sleepy John Estes. Lonesome road blues / Sam Collins. Future blues / Williie Brown. Bull doze blues / Henry Thomas "Ragtime Texas". Brown skin gal (Down the lane) / Massey Familly. Henry Lee / Dick Justice. Old country rock / William Moore. La danseuse (The dancer) / Delma Lachney and Blind Uncle Gaspard. My black mama (Part N°1 & 2) / Son House. Cypress grove blues / Skip James.
Auteur(s) Johnson, Robert (1911-1938) (Chant) ;Frenchy's String Band (Groupe) ;Sol Ho'opi'i and his Novelty Trio (Chant) ;Madrugadores (Los) (Groupe) ;Mendoza, Lydia (Chant) ;Wilkins, Robert (Chant) ;Ardoin, Amédée (Chant) ;McGee, Dennis (Chant) ;Coleman, Jaybird (Chant) ;Bright, Sol K (Chant) ;Brown, Richard 'Rabbit' (Chant) ;Montet, Berthmost (Chant) ;Dupuis, Joswell (Chant) ;Phillips, Washington (Chant) ;Falcon, Joseph (Chant) ;Johnson, Blind Willie (Chant) ;Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers (Chant) ;Graves, Roosevelt (Guitare) ;Aloha Serenaders (The) (Groupe) ;Big Chief Henry's Indian String Band (Groupe) ;Stripling Brothers (Groupe) ;Truett and George (Groupe) ;Mississippi Sheiks (The) (Groupe)
Titre(s) CD 5 = The Deep South & The West / Collectif. Cross road blues / Robert Johnson. Mal hombre / Lydia Mendoza. Sunshine special / Frenchy's String Band. Old Jim Kinnane's / Robert Wilkins. Les blues de voyage (Travel blues) / Amédée Ardoin and Dennis McGee. The lost child / Stripling Brothers. I'm gonna cross the river of Jordan some of these days / Jaybird Coleman. Tomi Tomi / The Aloha Serenaders Featuring Sol K.Bright. Sittin' on top of the world / Mississippi Sheiks. James alley blues / Richard "Rabbit" Brown. The indian Tom Tom / Big Chief Henry's Indian String Band. Blues in a bottle / Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers. Je me suis en alle / Berthmost Montet and Joswell Dupuis. Dark was the night, cold was the ground / Blind Willie Johnson. E, mama ea / Sol Ho'Opi'i and His Novelty Trio. Ghost dance / Truett and George. Woke up this morning (With my mind on Jesus) / Roosevelt Graves and Brother. Allons à Lafayette / Joseph Falcon. Corrido de Joaquin Murrieta (Part N°1 & N°2) / Los Madrugadores. Denomination Blues (parts 1 & 2) / Washington Phillips.
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