A gospel story

Auteur(s) Collectif ;Mirror, Kkrist ;Vaughan, Sarah ;Armstrong, Louis ;Cooke, Sam ;Griffin, Bessie ;Bradford, Alex (Professor) ;Jackson, Mahalia ;Ward, Clara ;Kelsey, Samuel ;Johnson, Blind Willie ;Knight, Marie ;Tharpe, Rosetta ;May, Joe (Brother) ;White, Josh ;Davis, Blind Willie ;Hines, James Earle ;Deloach, Mary ;Campbell, B.C ;Nix, A.W ;Davis, Gary ;Burnett, Rv.J.C ;Wilson, Elder R ;Gates, Rev.J.M ;Carr, Wynona (Sister) ;Swan Silvertones (The) ;Soul Stirrers (The) ;St. Paul Baptist Church of Los Angeles (The) ;Caravans (The) ;Spirit of Memphis Quartet (The) ;Original Five Blind Boys (Of Mississippi) (The) ;Blind Boys of Alabama ;Roberta Martin Singers (The) ;Dixie Hummingbirds (The) ;Golden Gate Quartet (The) ;Southern Sons ;Trumpeteers (The) ;Dorothy Love Coates & The Original Gospel Harmonettes ;Detroiters (The) ;Norfolk Jubilee Quartet ;Jackson Gospel Singers (The) ;Heavenly Gospel Singers ;Arizona Dranes ;Charioteers (The)
Titre(s) A gospel story : 2 CD + 1 bande dessinée / Collectif ; dessins et dialogues Kkrist Mirror.
Editeur(s) Nocturne, 2004.
Collection(s) (BD Blues ; 3).
Contient Didn't it rain / Sister Rosetta Tharpe & Marie Knight. - Swing down, chariot / The Golden Gate Quartet. - Lord come see about me / The Dixie Hummingbirds. - You'll need somebody on your bond / Blind Willie Johnson. - Little boy / Rev. Kelsey. - The old ship of zion / The Roberta Martin Singers. - How I got over / Clara Ward. - In the upper room, part 1 & 2 / Mahalia Jackson. - Canaan land / The Five Blind Boys of Alabama. - Our father / The Original Five Blind Boys (Of Mississippi). - Everytime I feel the siprit / The Spirit of Memphis Quartet. - Too close to Heaven / Prof. Alex Bradford. - Let us run ()(run while the sun is shining) / The Caravans (with Bessie Griffin). - I'm so glad Jesus lifted me / The St. Paul Baptist Church of Los Angeles. - He's my friend 'til the end / The Soul Strrers [Stirrers] (with Sam Cooke). - My rock / The Swan Silvertones. - Precious lord / Brother Joe May. - Joshua fought the battle of Jericho / Josh White. - Go down Moses / The Southern Sons. - When the saints go marching in / Blind Willie Davis. - Nobody knows the trouble I've seen / Louis Armstrong. - Sometimes I feel like a motherless child / Sarah Vaughan. - Get on board little children / Prof. J. Earle Hines. - This train / Sister Rosetta Tharpe. - Don't miss that train / The Trumpeteers. - The Lord's gospel train / Mary Deloach. - Heaven bound train / Rev. B.C. Campbell. - Black diamond express to hell, part 1 & 2 / Rev. A.W. Nix. - Old gospel train ()(The next stop is mine) / The Original Gospel Harmonettes. - Gospel train / Marie Knight. - Mother on the rain / The Detroiters. - I'm gonna meet you at the station / Rev. Gary Davis. - The gospel train is leaving / Rev. J.C. Burnett. - Golden gate gospel train / The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet. - This train / Elder R. Wilson. - When the train comes along / The Norfolk Jubilee Quartet. - Heaven bound train / The Jackson Gospel Singers. - The railroad / The Original Gospel Harmonettes. - Death black train is coming / Rev. J.M. Gates. - Heavenly gospel train / The Heavenly Gospel Singers. - I'm going home on the morning train / Arizona Dranes. - Don't miss that train / Sister Wynona Carr. - Tell me how long the train's been gone / The Charioteers. - Same train / The Golden Gate Quartet.
Notes Inclus "Negro spirituals & gospel songs : une histoire en musique de l'Amérique noire".
Sujet(s) Gospel
Negro spiritual
Indice(s) 1.2
Collation 2 disques compacts. ill.en coul.; couv. ill. en coul.
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