Nu jazz

Auteur(s) Collectif ;Scott, Jill (D599) ;Renee, Alicia (D599) ;Asante (D599) ;Lühning, Inga (D599) ;Galison, William ;Peyroux, Madeleine (D599) ;Lazarus, Sara (D599) ;Krall, Diana (D599) ;Kontomanou, Elisabeth (D599) ;Souza, Rosalia de (D599) ;Dajla (D599) ;Schäfer, Nathalie (D599) ;Tree, Alif ;Horn, Shirley (D599) ;Bajka ;Akinro, Tokunbo (D599) ;Russell, Alice (D599) ;Natureboy ;Anderson, Carleen (D599) ;Rucker, Ursula (D599) ;Mr President ;Malko ;Vogt, Matthias ;St-Germain ;Llorca ;Turner, Mandel (D599) ;Ernesto (D599) ;Lidell, Jamie (D599) ;Gonzales, Chilly (D511) ;Bublé, Michael (D599) ;Cullum, Jamie (D599) ;Callier, Terry (D599) ;Beat Assailant ;Tash ;Ohmega Watts (D599) ;Trible, Dwight (D599) ;Billingslea, Ninkia (D599) ;Ambolley, Blay (D599) ;Joseph, Anthony (D599) ;Jazzonia (D079) ;Re:jazz ;Tobias Kremer Big Band ;Netka ;Radio Citizen ;Tok Tok Tok ;Metropolitan Jazz Affair ;Matthias Vogt Trio ;Chin Chin ;Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra ;Mr Day
Titre(s) Nu jazz : divas & crooners : vol. 1 / Collectif.
Editeur(s) Wagram, 2007.
Contient Brotha / Jill Scott. - Swan blues / Jazzonia / vocals by Alicia Renee & Asante. - People hold on / [Re:jazz] / feat. Tobias Kremer Big Band / vocals by Inga Lühning. - Back in your own backyard / Madeleine Peyroux & William Galison. - This can't be love / Sara Lazarus. - I'm just a lucky so & so / Diana Krall. - Sunny / Elisabeth Kontomanou. - Tempo futuro / Rosalia de Souza. - I don't care / Dajla. - Water the flowers / Netka / vocals by Nathalie Schäfer. - Forgotten places / Alif Tree / vocals by Shirley Horn. - Championsound / Radio Citizen / vocals by Bajka. - Flow of joy / Tok Tok Tok / vocals by Tokunbo Akinro. - Sweet is the air / Alice Russell with Natureboy. - All in my mind / Carleen Anderson. - Black erotica / Ursula Rucker. - Bird of spring / Metropolitan Jazz Affair / vocals by Mr Day. - Love and happiness ()(Ginger jazz mix) / Mr President. - Follow my lead ()(remixed by S-Tone Inc) / Malko. - Pilot / Matthias Vogt Trio / vocals by Matthias Vogt. - Alabama blues / St-Germain. - I cry ()(original mix) / Llorca / vocals by Mandel Turner. - Too many holes / [Re:jazz] / vocals by Ernesto. - You can't hold her / Chin Chin. - Multiply ()(in A minor key) / Jamie Lidell / piano by Gonzales. - Me & Mrs. you / Michael Bublé. - It ain't necessaraly so / Jamie Cullum. - Speak your peace / Terry Callier. - Chronic break / Beat Assaillant / vocals by Tash. - The hour glass effect / Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra / vocals by Ohmega Watts. - Africa / Dwight Trible / vocals by Dwight Trible, Ninkia Billingslea, Blay Ambolley. - Bo nuggy / Anthony Joseph.
Sujet(s) Jazz vocal
Electro jazz
House music
Indice(s) 1.391.3851.4324.321.54
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